Sunday, May 27, 2012

Batonga 30 Day Dress Challenge: Day Twenty Seven

the dress: as shirt // shoes: famous footwear // lace shirt: thrifted // flower headband: diy

Aaaah the shoes are back! I was trying to achieve a look that was feminine but kind of BA at the same time ... not sure if it worked out or not, haha.

I bought that lace shirt thinking I could fix it up (the sleeves are crazy puffy and I was hoping to make them not so), but that was months ago. If I ever start up a shop (eh, a girl can dream, right?) this may be one of the shirts that will go up. It also may seem like I've run out of ideas for this dress (I mean come on, a shirt and jeans?), but let me tell you, I still have so many ways to style this dress in my head, it's crazy (shall we turn this into a 60 day challenge? ....... eeeeeh maybe not, haha). I've started writing down outfit combinations and it's a really great way to plan out outfits. I think when college starts that will be a lifesaver when I'm being lazy in bed instead of waking up for classes. I usually have no brain power in the morning to concentrate on being creative with clothes anyways.

As always, I'm wearing this dress for an entire month to raise money for the Batonga Foundation, which supports girls in Africa by giving them a full education. You can read more about it here! Every little bit helps. So please please donate today!
Thank you and have an awesome day!

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