Thursday, May 3, 2012

Batonga 30 Day Dress Challenge: Day 3

dress: worn as a dress, pinned short // red dress: mom's closet // belt: target // cupcake socks: from a friend // shoes: thrifted

Today was such a lovely picture taking day! Besides hiding from the mail lady and bicyclists and worrying about stepping in moose poop and nearly freezing my fingers, it was a very enjoyable time. Sometimes I go outside with no ideas and no particular location (okay, that's like 99% of the time), and sometimes I just have a blast. There's just something about photography and being in nature that is so therapeutic and aaah! it's just awesome. But it started snowing ... come on Alaska! It's May. You're not really funny any more. Thankfully it was just a few flakes. Quit scaring me like that, Alaska.

Aah only six days left of school! I can do this ... most of my classes are winding down but there is still the dreaded AP English tests. I think I'm more worried about our final than the actual AP test. It's going to be an oral test, and it's so hard (apparently) because my teacher gave us all the questions ... eek! So scary, haha. I'm ready to get it over with. Only a couple more days!

Check out how awesome these shoes are! They're from the thrift store that I talked about a couple days ago (the one where you could apply to be a kitty cuddler) and they were only a dollar! I'm thinking about painting them, but I'm not sure what color/design I should do. You guys have any suggestions?

As always, I'm wearing this purple dress every day for a month to support the Batonga Foundation, which provides girls in Africa a full education, which benefits their entire life. So please please donate and spread the word! Every little bit of money is helpful.

I want YOU to donate to the Batonga Foundation!

Have a great day everyone!


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