Thursday, May 10, 2012

Batonga 30 Day Dress Challenge: Day Ten

the dress: as shirt // button down: thrift store // skirt: forever 21 // shoes: target

Can I just complain about something that I totally should not be complaining about at the moment? It's this little thing called marriage. Okay, maybe not exactly that. More like getting engaged, specifically in high school. The second person I know in my grade (little ol' senior) got engaged today. I have mixed emotions about the subject. First, there's the initial aww how cute and precious feeling because honestly, anything even remotely cute makes me go all super girly. Secondly I feel a bit skeptical, just because of how young people are. Come on, do you really know that's the person you want to spend the rest of your life with? And unless you're planning on having a four year engagement through college, how are you going to support each other? There's still so much growing up to do ... but at the same time, do we really ever stop growing? That's where the emotion of jealousy comes in. Matt and I have been dating over a year. (We want to get married but my mom says I shouldn't write stuff like that on here ... so let the record show that parentheses means I didn't really say it. ;)) My own parents dated less than that before they became engaged. While I do think it might possibly not be the best idea to get married right out of high school, when I hear that one of my peers is now engaged, well it makes me feel a little bummed that I don't get to have that now.

Eh, thus is the life of being a girl, I suppose. I am glad that Matt and I aren't doing anything crazy like that and choosing to wait it out.

Haha well this ended up being a venting post. It probably didn't really sound like I was venting, but trust me, I was. Well, now this is like the awkward silence after someone yelled or something, soooo ...

wow. I can even make my blog awkward. Well then.

My grandparents came into town for my graduation, and as my grandma would say, this is just my senioritis coming though. Perhaps that's true. I took the AP English Test today and even though it really wasn't all that bad I'm milking the "badness" for all it's worth, so I blame my strange train of thought and lack of good sentence structure on that test. But hey, only ONE DAY LEFT OF HIGH SCHOOL!!!!

Anyways, I'm doing this dress challenge to raise money for the Batonga Foundation, which helps girls in Africa receive a full education, so that they too can be excited about graduating and go on to get jobs and live better lives.

You can donate by clicking on the button below! Thank you so much!

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