Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Batonga 30 Day Dress Challenge: Day Two

shirt: thrifted // pullover: forever 21

The great thing about using a long dress for this challenge is that it's very versatile. Today I wore it as an asymmetrical skirt with some comfy shirts over it. Of course when it was sunny outside I had assumed it would be warm as well. Nope! I think it was about 45 degrees today. So cold! Haha after the warm weather we've been experiencing in the last frontier I've gotten soft skin. It's funny because when we had our first "warm" day it was only 50 degrees but I was practically sweating! That's just how the mind works, I suppose.

As always, this 30 day challenge is to raise money for the Batonga Foundation, an organization that gives girls in Africa a full education, which improves every area of their lives, be it their jobs, their family, and their health. It's an awesome organization and I encourage you to help me reach the goal of $500. Also at the end of the month, everyone who donated will be automatically entered into a giveaway. I'm not sure yet what that giveaway will include, but trust me, it will be spectacular.

Thank you so much, have an awesome day, and please spread the word and donate!


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