Sunday, June 3, 2012

Senior Prank

Even though this legendary event happened almost a month ago, the event in question was of such epic proportions that it does not matter the time or the season with which it is told, just so long as people hear of the night history was made at Lauren's high school.

The night was cold. Students gathered, armed with blankets, streamers, balloons, confetti, candy, and sheer determination. There were two phases to their operation. Phase one involved parking everyone's cars in a giant circle around the student parking lot to cease all parking the next morning.

After the school was unlocked (by one of the administrators, so it was perfectly legal), phase two commenced. The doors to the classrooms flew open simultaneously and students poured into the rooms. They removed every single desk, moving them all into the common area to create a giant desk maze for unsuspecting students and teachers the next day.

The halls were filled with streamers and candy, desks and signs reading "2012, the end is near" and "seniors 2012" and upon the completion of the damage, the seniors returned to their cars to eat smores, watch movies, and sleep (though legend has it some pulled all nighters).

In the morning teacher and student drivers alike turned the corner, expecting to see a nice, empty parking lot, only to find the empty lot barricaded by senior cars. And the madness only continued inside the building. All the community laughed at the sight, though one angry mother stormed in, looked around at the sea of desks blocking her way, and stormed right out the door again.

The year these seniors were juniors, the seniors hadn't done anything, so not one person expected anything, and especially not something so monumental. Yes, it was a day one soon would forget.

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