Sunday, June 3, 2012

so try to be somebody

day 154

Despite the amount of photos I took today, I seem to have hit the first rut in my 365 (154 days in is pretty good, I'd say). It happens for every photographer. They think they've run out of ideas, run out of stamina, inspiration, sheer willpower to even push down on the shutter button. I know I have a lot of ideas (heck, I have a book filled with them), but something in me just doesn't want to give forth much effort right now. It's probably because I'm tired of my face in this project and because I have no models (I begged my sister to pose for today's photo but she refused--I even offered to pay her!). But don't worry, I'll come out of the rut; it always happens.

In other news, my brothers and dad left on a camping trip, so today was girls day! My mom, sister, and I went to the bead store to buy stuff to make bracelets, went to Barnes and Noble and got some books, and finally headed home to watch the Secret World of Arrietty (such a good movie!). I also got to hang out at coffee with my friends. Today was a very lovely day, which was much needed. I hope you had an awesome day as well!

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