Thursday, June 7, 2012

where we begin

day 158

Just click on the photo. Just. Do. It.

This is the inspiration for this photo:

That photo was day 57 of my first 365 project (in 2010). It's crazy to see just how much I've grown ... This is super cliche to say, but if you had told me then what I am be doing now, I would have thought you were crazy. And I'm always improving and it's a weird concept to think that a person is never done growing; there's always something to learn and always something to improve on. But I digress.

I was going to post other photos from today, but I just couldn't wait to get this 365 photo up! This is the first of many model photos, as I've been recruiting like crazy. For those of you that have been reading my blog for a while, you know how frustrated I've been with not having anyone else to shoot, so I've been busy busy on facebook the past couple of days getting people to volunteer to model for me. I already have seven more people scheduled, and also seven kids in one day! (We'll see how that photo works out, hah!) I'm super excited for this because not only does it give me a lot of practice editing-wise, but I'm learning a ton about directing other people and not being timid about things.

I'll (hopefully--I make no promises) have more photos from today up, as Aly and I went on an adventure to Target (this photo was actually taken in the parking lot), and I got to go on a date with Matt! Tomorrow will be pretty busy as well though. I'm taking more pictures in the morning and then in the evening I'm off to a birthday party. I really love being able to go out places and hang out with people. I would say this is turning into a fabulous summer.

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