Tuesday, June 5, 2012

diy shoes

Be warned, this probably isn't the best diy in the world as my creation started cracking after a few wears. This would probably work better with a pair of cloth shoes. Just so you know. Anyways!

You'll need: shoes, obviously. I chose to paint over my old fake oxfords to make them super pretty. I saw these shoes on amazon and decided it would be super easy to recreate them myself, even if I would only be able to wear the shoes once more (I had a hunch the paint would chip as my shoes were made of cheap material).

You'll also need spray paint, painters tape, sandpaper, and paint brushes. The glitter and glue I thought about using for the centers of the flowers, but I ended up not doing it.

Step one: wash and sandpaper. You need to wash your shoes to remove any grass and dirt that may be on them. After drying them, sand over them lightly with some sandpaper to remove the paint/whatever is on the shoe so that your paint can soak in.

Step two: tape. Be wary that sometimes painters tape doesn't always work. I suggest pressing hard on the tape to ensure no paint soaks through. Also you'll need to remove any shoelaces that may be on the shoe.

Step three: protect. Stuff the inside of the shoe with paper towels, newspaper, or plastic bags to make sure the shoes keep their shape as well as to protect the inside from any paint.

Step four: spray away! Follow the instructions on your spray paint and have at it! Keep in mind any wind that could affect the direction of the spray so that it doesn't get on your clothes.

For my shoes, I did two coats of white paint, making sure each coat was dry before moving on to the next. Then I let the shoes continue to dry overnight.

Step five: add details. (Ack! Forgive me, this is the first time writing with my tablet so I got off track with the numbering, haha. Silly me.) Now that the shoes are dry, you can paint on any details that you like. I even added white ribbon to serve as shoe laces.

And that's all! Again, there are a couple little cracks in the paint after wearing them so much, but I think my shoes still have a little bit of life in them, and with this fresh coat of paint, they've regained just a little bit more stamina.

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