Monday, June 25, 2012

silver lines

day 177

Sorry this blog has been pretty quiet these past two days. I have done nothing worthy to mention in writing; it was basically a repeat of yesterday's events. I guess I'm just tired of being tired but there's no motivation to do anything. It's so boring around the house and there are very few people to hang out with over the summer; everyone seems to be busy with other things.

I'm tentatively working on a new blog design, but being the person that I am, it's proving difficult to come up with something I like, which leaves me frustrated, but leaving my blog looking the way it is is also frustrating. I just need an aesthetic change. The change will definitely be more sunny than this cold, wintry theme I seem to have going on. But the actual weather in Alaska has turned gloomy and being cooped up in the house makes me not want to do anything, which is also frustrating because I need to do something.

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