Saturday, June 16, 2012

the crowning moment

day 168

It was a very exciting day today; I finally got to shoot with Miss and Miss Teen Alaska United States!! A couple months ago they asked me to take some photos of them for their website as well as for autograph cards and anything else, and we finally got to take some photos today! The weather was perfect, there was no one in our photoshoot location (inside, at least), and it was really just a fun time getting to explore around the city. We all discovered some awesome places we didn't even know existed. In the upcoming weeks I'll post some of my favorite shots from this shoot, but as you all know (I only mention it all the time, haha), next week is my first wedding! It's going to be busy busy and I cannot wait.

I was thinking earlier today that the only photography highlights of my summer were going to be this Miss United States shoot and the wedding, but actually I have another big photography thing up my sleeve. I need to start nailing down the details of it, but hopefully it will come to fruition because it's gonna be awesome. (Hehe don't you just love me being all secretive? Never fear, all shall be revealed in time.)

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