Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I have my company

day 156

(what a handsome prince!)

Today marks the first day I used my wacom tablet. If you're a photographer or graphic artist, you HAVE to get this. After using it for just a little bit in photoshop, I know it's going to change my life. Even with just working with curves it is a ton easier than using a mouse. Plus I added some keyboard shortcuts to photoshop, so now I can switch tools just by pushing a button. This, along with recruiting models for photoshoots, I am beginning to get super excited about the 365 project again. Now there's really no excuse for me not to create crazy awesome images like these people. (Don't know if they actually use tablets, but I hope my talent will one day come close to theirs.)

Also today, I finally finished the Inheritance Cycle. I didn't start crying until I read the acknowledgements, but then I just started bawling (ack, crying over a book how silly). Though I can't take the title of 'biggest fan,' that series has been with me for much of my life and has influenced my writing style more than I know. If you ever want to get sucked into a good book, these are the ones to read. Ugh, I'm about to start crying again ... These are books I'm going to be rereading for the rest of my life.

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