Tuesday, June 19, 2012


shirt/jeans: thrifted // cardigan: gift // shoes: thrifted/diy

I wanted to show you guys a typical outfit I would wear to a photoshoot, so after my shoot with Josiah I snapped a few photos while lawn workers looked on from the field down below. Of course I saved the jumping pictures until after they left, but aren't you proud of me for taking photos of myself in front of people?

For photoshoots, I always wear something simple and comfortable. I want to look somewhat presentable, especially when I'm in public with a client, just in case a random pedestrian asks what we're doing. Then I can whip out a business card like a spy and attack them with my business. Aaaww yeeeah.

Funny story about these jeans. I believe that very, very, very few people can pull of wearing leggings as pants. The same goes with jeggings. I was not going to come within one hundred feet of those things. ... Fast forward to a couple weeks ago when I found myself at the thrift store in desperate need of a new pair of jeans. I found this awesome pair and immediately got it. Little did I know what I had purchased. I began to suspect I had bought jeggings when I discovered the front pockets were fake. After looking at the tag and seeing the size was XL, my suspicions came together. I, Lauren, now own a pair of jeggings. And I'm not afraid to say that they are the most comfortable things on the planet.

I hope you have a very awesome day!

p.s. photobucket isn't working so I'll try to get my 365 photos up tomorrow

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