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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween 2013

Photobooth Fun

On Halloween I got to take photobooth photos for school. The above are some of my favorites! It was super fun getting to hang out with a lot of students on campus and see all the different costumes. This place really comes alive Halloween Night!

Our Costumes

For my own group of friends, as usual we decided about an hour before the festivities that we would dress up, so after scouring our closets, I'd say we did a pretty good job! There were a couple parties, a costume contest, and a haunted house going on during the 31st, and then a school dance the next night, which were all a ton of fun!

mini mouse, the ocean, katniss, princess merida, and a zebra

Hope you had a great Halloween! What did you all dress up as?

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

to the pumpkin patch

A couple weekends ago, my friends and I woke up bright and early and hopped in the car to spend the day at the pumpkin patch! This year we headed out to Bauman Farms, which is in Gervais, Oregon. It was a perfect day, with gorgeous fog the entire drive, until we finally broke free of it when the farm came in sight. Going early in the morning is really the way to go if you want to attend Bauman Farms, because when we left around 2 pm, there was a long line of cars in both directions waiting to turn into the grassy parking lot.

Not only can you pick the perfect pumpkin there (I got a cute warty one which I turned into a kitty cat), but there's also a corn maze, a dark hay maze (which is pitch black and has tunnels as well as pathways. My friends and I were probably in there for at least half an hour trying to find our way out), a hay obstacle course, apple cannons and apple slingshots and apple tasting, tons of food, tractor rides, a petting zoo, giant slides, and beautiful gardens. It really feels like a fair while you're there. There are so many fun things to do, and a person can easily spend all day there.

p.s. you can check out last year's pumpkin patch adventures here!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

art retreat 2013

through instagram photos.

This past weekend I got to hang out with 60+ crazy art people along the coast of Oregon. Especially since I've been too busy with school to shoot anything creative, I was extremely excited for the break to produce some new artwork. Despite getting sick with that nasty cold/throat thing that always happens around this time of year, I was still able to hang out on the beach literally from sunrise to sunset on Saturday, shooting concepts, assisting on photoshoots, and hanging out with people. On Sunday we went gallery and antique store hopping, which, even though I was too sick to fully enjoy, was still neat to look at art and dig through piles of antiques to find a couple treasures.

the morning beach // lunch at a local diner

endless photo adventures // antique store treasures // photographing dead things and lighthouses // viewing the coast

My love and connection to the ocean only grows and grows, and my desire to submerge myself into nature and creating and being surrounded by the beauty of the world grows as well. I've been thinking a lot about myself, who I am, and what I want to do with my life. For me and any other creatives out there, the desire to travel and create is very great, and I'm constantly wanting to be rid of extra things that distract me. Of course, actually getting rid of those distractions is a different story, so I'm thankful for weekends such as this one to eliminate anything that would hinder my desires, at least for a little bit of time.

pretty models and photographers // beach bits

But now I'm back in the real world. I skipped classes yesterday because of being sick, so it was a nice way to vacation from my vacation (funny how that works). Some of the images I got I'm really excited about, and I can't wait to work on them and release them when the proper time comes. After going to the beach, I realized how needed it actually was. There's just something about being surrounded by the ocean and creative people that's rejuvenating, and it's also nice to know that I can feel completely comfortable around people that I barely know, and just after a weekend call them my friends.

treasures collected from the trip // one last look at the beach

It is good to be back home though (where there is soup and medicine and a bed with minimal sand in it), and I am so thankful the ocean is close and my beautiful Oregon family is even closer.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

alaskan adventures // backpacking trip

Several weekends ago, my brothers and I packed up the bare necessities, hoped on a boat, and backpacked throughout the wilderness of Alaska. This is the digital result of the trip. Sorrynotsorry this post is so long, but considering I took well over 300 photos, narrowing it down to 36 is pretty great. Plus, I shot three rolls of film while I was there as well, so there are even more photos to share with you in the coming months.

The first day we drove down to the ocean, hopped on a boat, and were dropped off in the wilderness. After carrying our packs, we set up camp in the rain, ate dinner from freeze dried packages in the rain, explored the beach in the rain, and fell asleep to rain. In the morning, we woke up to an inch of water in our tent, and while rain was still pouring down, my brother managed to get our door zipper stuck so that we couldn't close the tent. That resulted in many punctured holes and makeshift hinges to keep the rain out, and I learned a few more uses for rubber bands and rocks.

The second day we hiked to an abandoned military bunker, which was way too cool. I would love to go back there some day with fancy lighting equipment and shoot some high fashion, because even though most of the rooms were pitch black, from the glimpses that the flashlight revealed, it was a really cool location. Afterwards we ate lunch in the lookout tower, above the old missile launcher (or something to that effect). Then we continued hiking to the other side of the mountain, to the southern beach. Completely alone, with just the rain and seagulls and swelling waves. I never wanted to leave.

The final day we traversed along the beach more. I found several interesting shells, including some old crab shells. Then we waited for the water trolley to pick us up again. It was such a fantastic, if not wet, trip (did I mention it was wet? Because I was 100% soaked for at least 48 hours and that part was not very enjoyable).

Before and after the adventure. Success!

Have a beautiful day you guys!

(p.s. I'm in Oregon now, enjoying the hot weather, relaxing before I go back to school next week. Matt got his new car today, I get my new cell phone tomorrow, he and his brother and his dad all explored and ate yummy food, life is pretty good.)