Thursday, January 12, 2017

Hello to 2017

Anyone still out there? I know, I've neglected this little space for so long. I just wanted to pop in really quickly and put a cap on it, since I'm still quite active online but just not here.

If you want to keep up with whatever I'm doing, you should just follow along on instagram. All of my photo and video work, all of my daily life, all of my personal blog posts, and random hobbies are shared or linked there in some way or another.

I will always be thankful for this little place because it really helped me come to appreciate myself, grow in my own confidence, and appreciate how beautiful an online community of people can be.

And if you want a quick recap of my year, read here. But in short, I got married, graduated from university, and officially moved to Portland.

Crazy crazy life, how you always surprise me in soft, wonderful ways.

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