Wednesday, August 14, 2013

eye of the camera // 2

A long time ago I uploaded a post of various photos of me behind the camera. That was over a year ago, and more people have caught me in this state. I thought it would be fun to continue the series and post some more interesting (if not embarrassing) photos of myself being ridiculous behind the camera.

These two are probably the most ridiculous of them all. My friend Aly and I like to do this thing where we go to random stores and act like idiots and take pictures of everything. We haven't been able to do it this summer because we've both been working, so it was fun to look back on some of our shenanigans. I think me posing with an iron man mask, while holding a pair of shoes with a fan in the background describes my life perfectly, haha. The second photo my friend Megan took when she visited me here in Alaska. I took her to the zoo and was pretending to be part of the wildlife for this photo. I succeeded.

This photo my friend Jenna took, way back in September of last year. It was the beginning of school and none of my friends really knew each other that well, so going to the beach was the perfect way to get to know each other. As you can see, we were all very sleepy.

Also in September, I got the chance to hang out with some really awesome photographers at Cannon beach. Shane Black took this one of me toting all my props across the water and being generally starstruck.

Both of these my friend Jenna took, once when we went exploring in an abandoned train station, and another time when we visited a cemetery for a photoshoot. Love exploring Oregon with her! We certainly found ourselves in a lot of adventures.

This photo doesn't show my camera specifically, but I was holding it and this was a good day. I got to meet two photographers, Sarah and Grace (Grace took this photo), and it was so much fun learning from them!

These two photos my mom took of me. This was over spring break, when I drove about two hours out from my area to shoot some film landscape photos for a big art project for school (which I just realized I never actually posted the results from ... whoops! here is a digital photo I shot though.) It was so cold this day and my fingers were completely numb by the end from having to change to different colored filters while shooting, but it was more than worth it (random fact, I got an 85% on the project ... because he thought I could do better and have more extreme horizons ... big major sigh).

My boyfriend Matt took this photo about a month ago, while I was shooting a panorama of the clouds. It was one of the coolest sites I've ever seen.

This last photo my mom took while we were on our fishing trip. I think the waterfall photo was the one I was shooting at that moment. I love just being able to shoot photos of my beautiful state. It's a pretty fantastic place.

I hope you all have a great day! What's one of the craziest places/situations you've shot in?

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