Wednesday, September 5, 2012

beach road trip

Last Saturday my friends and I went to the beach! I snapped a whole bunch of photos as there are no proper beaches in Alaska and I was beyond excited to go. (I even took film photos, which have yet to be developed.) It was the perfect sunny day as we drove over to Pacific City, Oregon through the winding country hillside singing along to mainstream music at the top of our lungs and feeling absolutely amazing.

My friends and I finally got to the beach, where we played in the water for about five seconds because it was so cold, explored the dunes and caves for seashells and cool rocks, and laid out in the sun talking and laughing. I even kept some of our findings which are now sitting happily on my desk in my little home.

Me, Annette, Tabatha, and Jenna

Me, Ivy, Annette, Tabatha, and Rebekah

Who knew I could love so deeply as I love these girls in such a short time that we've known each other. They fill my heart with such joy and I'm so glad I've gotten to know them.

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