Wednesday, September 26, 2012

pick up that dirty crown

day 270

My Wednesdays look like this: I may or may not wake up early to go to breakfast. If I do, then I come back to my dorm to study or relax. If I don't, I sleep in and eat cereal in my room. Then I go to chapel. Then right after that it's college algebra, where I try not to fall asleep, and Bible where I start to wake up again. Then after that I go to a late lunch, where I either sit by myself or if I'm lucky I see someone I know (all my friends go to lunch when I have class). Then I have an hour to take photos or do any last minute psychology homework before class. After psychology I have twenty minutes to change/relax before it's off to work. I work for the set/scene shop in the theater department where I am helping build the set for the upcoming play. I use a power drill and power saw and power everything and cut up my hands and get bruises and sweat a lot and feel slightly intimidated by all the upperclassmen boys for an hour, but it's an awesome job and I'm really glad I got it instead of the sewing job. Then after work I go straight to dinner, and then after that it's resting time where I update my blog or do more homework or paint people's nails or watch episodes of Community with the gang.

It's a busy day (which is also repeated on Mondays and Fridays), but I love it so much. I mailed my first package today, signed some job paperwork, and filled out papers to become a registered voter. I'm planning a spring break trip with my friends and next year's living situation (we want to get our own house). I love life, I love my friends, I love my boyfriend, I love my family, I love school, I just love everything. You guys don't even know how happy I finally am.

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