Tuesday, September 18, 2012

falling through

day 261

(My two favorite necklaces.)

I feel so bad not putting forth any effort into this project. I guess it's one of those phases that always comes with doing a 365, but it's so frustrating because I want to actually spend more than two minutes on a photo. I took this literally thirty seconds before I went to bed. It's not that I'm forgetting to take a photo, it's just that I don't really feel like doing it. Hopefully tonight I'll get a good self portrait in, because I haven't really done a creative self portrait that wasn't tied to an outfit photoshoot since day 233. That's almost a whole month. It's not that I love taking pictures of myself for its own sake, just that it's incredibly therapeutic and I need that in my life. So I'm planning on taking a creative picture tonight--crossing my fingers that the ceramics lab will be empty when I go.

Other than feeling guilty about letting the 365 project fall through the cracks, I'm the happiest I have been in a long time. It's funny because I really questioned if college was right for me, but went because that's what you're supposed to do after high school (plus I didn't have a "real" job and didn't really want to live with my parents ... sorry Mom and Dad, haha), but going to college and specifically my college was definitely the right decision. I love it so much here. And on that note, I'm off to not be distracted by the internet but instead do some homework. Wish me luck!

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