Wednesday, September 12, 2012

falling for you

day 256

I have just returned from rock climbing with my RA, Cortney, and oh my gosh I had so much fun. I used to rock climb with my family when I was in third and fourth grade and haven't done it since, so I was a little nervous before doing it tonight. The rock gym (it's actually in the back of a giant closet, which makes me feel like a spy because I never would have thought it was back there) is brand new, so it was built just in time for little Lauren, because I have to work out three times a week for my fitness class anyways. And man, I had a blast. I'm definitely not very good yet; I climbed three times and only made it to the top of two. But I'm hoping to go often with Cortney and maybe get some of the other girls on my floor to do it too, because it is seriously a blast.

And after everyone else left, Connor (Cortney's friend) tied two of the ropes from opposite walls together and made a swing for Cortney and me! It was a blast. I really actually love getting to hang out with upperclassmen (my ceramics class and my set job all have upperclassmen), because not only does it make me feel cool (haha lawl I'm such a nerd) but it's great to have older people to look up to.

But back to the rock climbing thing, I am super excited for it. My arms and legs are going to be so sore tomorrow though! Also tomorrow, Annette and I are housing prospective students in our room, so I may or may not be able to post anything (it's not like I skip nights posting anyways), but just to let you guys know. Basically, I am excited about everything.

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