Sunday, August 11, 2013

apartment wishlist // the bathroom

// the kitchen //

Since I currently do not have a cellular device and can't continue "my week in instagram" every Sunday for the time being, instead I'll continue my apartment wishlist! This semester in school, I'll be living in an on campus apartment with five beautiful and amazing girls, and I'm incredibly excited to make this little space our home for the next year.

For the bathroom, it of course will have to be nautical themed. No question about it. Starting off, that octopus art print is amazing and would be perfect to go on perhaps the wall above our towel hangers. Since I'll be sharing with five people, so shower caddies such as these two from UO and Modcloth would be perfect for everyone's shower products. I'm all for bringing the outdoors inside, and these little boxcar planters are going to look so cute on top of the commode or maybe even lining the tub! Even though the hair care set is geared towards guys, I kind of really want it for myself. I've been cutting my own hair since eighth grade, but have been using my scrapbooking scissors the entire time. Think maybe I'm ready for an upgrade? In keeping with that nautical theme, it's only appropriate to have a cute whale chilling out in the tub and that aaaawesome shower curtain. Now I will never want to leave the shower because I'll think I'm actually in the ocean!


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