Friday, August 16, 2013

pajama day

pants/belt: target // shirt/boots: forever 21

Remember that one special week every year in elementary school, where kids could dress up for themed days and have contests for the best costumes? Oh yes, spirit week was probably my favorite week of the entire year, and you could guarantee I went all out. I think my favorite day of all was senior citizen day (that particular photo was taken in 2011. And yes, I have been a senior citizen many times. I've got this old person stuff down).

One of my other favorite days was pajama day, these pants are so comfortable that they doubled as my pajama pants. Hehe. I normally would never in a million years wear pants like this because I'm not comfortable wearing a loose cut, but they were only $10 (which was part of my 'back to school' clothing fund) and they also came with this belt (I always feel like I'm cheating the system when that happens), so I thought, "What the heck?" and got them. For this outfit, I paired them with something easy, my grey sweater. Two pajama-esque items? You can guarantee I was all for that. Of course, no one in my family liked my outfit, but I felt pretty awesome wearing it so that's all that matters. It will be fun coming up with other things to wear with this. I'm thinking maybe a white lace shirt, or even and orange or yellow shirt.

I hope you have a wonderful and safe Friday! What would you pair these pants with?

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