Sunday, August 18, 2013

apartment wishlist // the living room


It's on to the living room for this week's apartment wishlist! I have a feeling we will be spending the most amount of time in the living room, so it's important that it looks very cute and welcoming. In rainy Oregon, it will be important that we all have a place to hang our coats when we first come in, so this coat hanger from UO would be perfect. My friends and I are planning a huge IKEA run when we all get back together (my wallet is begging for mercy already), and I've been eyeing this bookshelf for a while. I already have a ton of books that I've acquired in Oregon, and I would love to properly display them. Speaking of making the living room more welcoming, this "apartment sweet apartment" doormat is literally perfect. Someone please buy this for me because it's so cute! this and that pillow look like they are a match made in heaven. I don't know what color couch we will have, so these bright, fun pillows may or may not go with a nasty college couch. Perhaps I should also search for a couch cover? And since we probably won't be able to paint the walls either, these butterfly wall decals are every college person's dreams. Also this photo hanger. We love printing out photos from our adventures together, and it would be so fun to have them all hanging in the common area. (I wonder how easy it would be to diy this?) And going off the colorful theme in the pillows, this rug practically has my name written all over it. In a perfect world, we would have a nice white couch, which would make this rug pop even more. Oooh I can picture it now ... Our freshman year of college, we all had white boards on our doors, so we could write each other notes. This noteboard from Modcloth would certainly keep that tradition alive! As for this road rug? Do I even have to explain myself. I want this because of reasons. Also it reminds me of when I used to play hotwheels with my little brothers, and I bet everyone would get a kick out of us having on of these. But back in the world of adults, we'll probably need a coffee table such as this one. So that our cars will have a real mountain to jump off of, obviously.

Hope you have a wonderful week!

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