Saturday, August 3, 2013

I scream for ice cream!

dress: handmade // shirt: target // tights/shoes: thrifted

It seems these days that literally every person I know is getting engaged. Kids younger than me, kids from my class, it stopped being funny at around the tenth couple when three different couples got engaged within a four day time span. Now it's just really annoying (except I am excited for one because she's one of my photo friends and she's actually been dating her guy for a considerable amount of time and they both -appear- to be prepared for marriage). I'm not even twenty yet and people younger than me are getting hitched? Staaahp. But don't worry, I'm not gonna turn this into a complaining post. I save those kinds of things for tumblr, hehe. It can easily be said that I won't get married until I have enough money to pay for such an event and subsequently keep myself alive for at least a couple of months. Also having a job that actually pays might be a good idea too. I don't think anyone (not even me) realizes how hard it is until they actually tie the knot and actually have to live with someone else and all their flaws. But flaws are part of character, and I also think marriage would be a grand adventure! Doing fun things with your best friend all the time? Sign me up! But at the same time, don't sign me up just yet. I know I'm not ready for it. I'll just suffer in silence while everyone else around me gets married.

On a totally different note, I recently submitted this outfit to H&M's 50 states of style contest on instagram, and I would love it and be forever in your debt if you liked my photo here! If by some miracle I actually won the regional section, you can guarantee there will be a fun giveaway for those who liked my photo! Thank you so so much! (Also, I apologize in advance, but I'll be encouraging people to "like" the photo every spare moment I get, haha.)

I hope you have a great day!

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