Saturday, August 10, 2013

death of the white lace cardigan

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holy moly me oh my!

While packing for home for the summer, I had to downsize my wardrobe, and my beloved white lace cardigan was one of the items that had to be left behind. It had started to get yellow stains from where I folded it, and the edges were getting frayed, so with a tear in my eye I had to say goodbye. This post is a tribute to the cardigan. It's not often I get rid of clothes, but all of my items that survived my style epiphanies (ie Lauren can actually dress fashionably and not wear t-shirts all the time) are very quickly dying off. I'll have to do another closet sweep this summer for items I don't really wear anymore, since this whole dressing nice thing is still pretty new to me. I want to purchase more versatile pieces instead of the weird statement pieces that I wear one time and then never wear again, so this summer will be an effort to begin that by building room in my closet.

I've always loved remixing posts from other bloggers, and want to do it more often. Perhaps not a weekly feature just yet, but I wanted to post this one before the photos got too dated.

This cardigan was one of the first things I bought that I thought was considered "stylish" and I wore it all the time, even before I started blogging, hence some of these never-before-seen photos. It shall be missed.

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