Thursday, January 24, 2013


white dress: c/o sugarlips // white cardigan/leggings: forever 21 // black cardigan: gift // skirt: thrifted // boots: target

Long time no see! A lot of crazy things have happened since the last time we spoke. First of all, I finally became an art major! Well, still not officially yet, all I have to do is get a signature from my adviser who is currently on maternity leave ... but other than that I am ready to jump right in! I've already gotten to talk to a couple art majors and those conversations made me incredibly excited to get my work out there and join the community of artists and learn as much as possible. As for the English side of my double major, I was promoted on my university's newspaper and now I am an official writer and photographer (whereas before I was a copy editor), and our newspaper is about to launch a new website, of which I'm one of the bloggers. It's already been a lot of work on top of all my classes but it's been a blast and I'm so excited to share the finished product of the website with you guys!

As for the outfit, I usually am not one to wear something so monochromatic, but I really loved all the classic and elegant elements in this ensemble. The flared skirt, the lace cardigan, the frilly dress ... I felt like I was from the renaissance. It would have been easy for me to add more color to this. For example, I could have switched out the skirts or added a big statement necklace or put on a different pair of tights. When the outfit is mostly neutral it's incredibly easy to throw in a little pop of color. So if you wanted to become more daring with colors and prints, wearing a monochromatic and then adding one bold color would be the first step!

Have a great day everyone!

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