Monday, January 28, 2013

photo adventure with Grace and Sarah

A few days before I went back to Oregon, I had the honor of hanging out with two insanely talented photographers Grace and Sarah! We were all in town at the same time and decided it was finally time to meet in person, so we all went to a coffee shop to talk and figure out where we were going to shoot. Grace took us to a really cool greenhouse, which was perfect as it was freezing outside and no one particularly wanted to spend a couple hours in the dry Alaska snow, so with the birds chirping in their giant cage and the green plants growing all around, we spent our time taking pictures of each other and playing with each other's cameras and props.

When we first arrived, a moose decided to show up, so of course we had to instagram it. Only in Alaska.

One of my new years resolutions (more of a dream, since it was something I couldn't really work toward) was going to a photo gathering, so being able to meet photographers that I had admired on the internet was a dream in of itself. The fact that it was Grace and Sarah made it even more awesome, because they are two beautiful individuals inside and out and are incredibly talented. It's awesome to be around people who are passionate about the same thing I am passionate about, and we can play off of each other's ideas and learn things about what we love. Even in just the few hours hanging out with them, I learned so many new techniques I've been able to use in my own photography. If I can learn that much in just a few hours, I can't imagine what I would learn over a week, or an entire semester. (They also made me want to update all my equipment too, haha. Why do my hobbies have to be so expensive?)



I'm so so glad I was able to meet Sarah and Grace, and I hope, not only that we'll be able to shoot together in the future, but also that getting to meet up with photographers so early in the year is a good indication of how the rest of my year will go!

p.s. I still have photos to edit from this day.

p.s.s. You should check out the post that Sarah did!

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