Tuesday, January 8, 2013

so try to be somebody

dress/skirt/shirt/tights/shoes: thrifted // belt: forever 21 // jacket: from a friend

Can I just say that I'm quite proud the majority of this outfit is thrifted? I for one absolutely adore thrift stores. When I was a lot younger, I thought it was so uncool to have clothes that were bought from a thrift store, probably because that was back when I thought brands of clothes made you popular. My junior high self went so far as to shop at all the popular stores just so that people would think I was cool. Newsflash: it didn't work out so much. People didn't think I was cool when I suddenly had "Hollister" plastered all over my chest. Thankfully that phase of my life has ended (the brands and t-shirts and jeans phase) and I can roam the thrift store isles in all their glory!

I've been trying to purchase more basic pieces for my wardrobe, such as this skirt and dress. I have a lot of crazy pieces but not a lot of basic ones I can mix a whole bunch of times. I think this skirt will be just what I need and I already predict I'll be wearing it at least once a week this year. It will be hard to refrain from doing so. The red shoes were definitely a fun purchase. In Oregon I had my eye on some $20 red shoes (c'mon thrift stores, you're supposed to be cheap!), but I didn't buy them for that price tag reason. Now I'm so glad I didn't do it because these red shoes only cost me $6! Yuuus I love negotiating with sales people to get good deals.

This outfit works because most of these colors are neutrals. Neutrals are colors (blacks, whites, browns, navys) that go with any other color, and that includes other neutrals. Whoever decided to say that brown and black didn't go together was crazy, because they do, because they are neutrals. Even my cream colored shirt can be considered a neutral because it's a member of the brown family. Then I just added a little pop of color--red--to make the outfit stand out. I could have chosen any color shoes and bow because again, everything else was a neutral. And as far as print goes, I'm actually wearing two prints. The navy dress has some flower embossment (not a real word, but it makes sense, haha) sewn into the fabric (which you can't quite tell from the photos, but trust me, it's there), and then my cream top has some neutral flowers on it as well. They are nice subtle prints that work together.

I hope this helps you guys out in mixing prints and colors together! :)

Have a super awesome day. Love you!

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