Monday, January 7, 2013

birthday wishlist

Also this shirt, one calendar for school, one for blogging/goals, one journal for diary, one for dreams, and a moo gift card.

Now that the holidays are finally over, it's time to focus on birthdays in the Parker family. My dad's, brother's, and my birthdays are all within the span of eight days, so it's nothing short of a celebration at our house. Of course, I head back to college before my birthday, so the party party party time will have to be a little premature, but I'm still really excited about it! My dad had me put together a wishlist of things I want, so I browsed around and found things that I claim I can't live without. But really I am content with where I am in life and this is just stuff (not saying that I don't want to get stuff for my birthday though, parents! Wink wink.) I'm just really thankful I've had an awesome break with my family and boyfriend and that in a week I get to go back to an awesome school with some of the most amazing people I've ever met.

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