Friday, January 18, 2013

film friday: sweater

Willow - Sweater from Filip Sterckx on Vimeo.

Hey guys! Sorry for the little blog hiatus. It was definitely unintended and I missed blogging a lot. My laptop's power cord bit the dust the first day of classes, so I quickly bought a new cord and even got the quickest shipping, but of course it only came on the last day of the week. Being without a computer has left me kind of crutched since a lot of my schoolwork is online, but thankfully my friends have let me use their computers this first week. But now I am back and ready to go!

And thankfully I'm back just in time for film friday! I really love this music video. For one thing, I love finding new (to me) bands that are really good at what they do, and for another thing I'm a sucker for really imaginative music videos. This one blows my mind every time I watch it, and you definitely should take a look. Now it's time for me to catch up on everybody's blogs since I missed a whole week. (you guys wrote over 100 posts while I was gone ... either I'm following too many people or you guys are writing a ton!)

Have a great weekend!

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