Monday, March 11, 2013

holy moly, me oh my!

dress: urban outfitters // tights/cardigan: forever 21 // hat: borrowed // boots: target

This past weekend the sun decided to grace us with her presence, so everyone (including a Lauren who was on the tail end of her week long cold) ran outside to soak up as much vitamin D as possible. It's so funny how everyone just flocks to the light after being cooped up inside for weeks while it rains. I love the rain as much as the next person (and let's face it, maybe a little bit more), but man, I do love me some sun!

If you are a new or old reader, you'll know to some extent or another that I have a passion for introverts, and more specifically, the introvert-extrovert relationship. My friends and I got into a big discussion about it after taking personality tests online (I'm INFJ), and while I knew about the different personalities in regards to introversion and extroversion, I had no idea of things like thinking versus feeling type of people. For me, I'm very much a feeling person. My emotions play into a big part of how I make decisions, and I see emotions as necessary for life. I live off of my emotions and they are what motivate me to help people, to create things, to do well in school, etc. But for other people (i.e. some of my friends), they are very much thinking people. The only emotion they really feel is anger, and in situations, they look at facts and logistics. They don't see the point of emotions and think the world would be just fine without them. And it's weird because I understand what they are saying, but I can't understand it at the same time because that's not how I see the world. And that's okay.

When we were first talking, I was completely blown away by how they said they viewed the world. They understand that things like art and literature have a point, but they don't see the point of it. When they help people, they do practical things to fix the physical. Whereas someone like me would just want to fix the emotion. At first, I thought it was completely crazy how different people actually are and how I was so blind to if for my whole life. I had been living in a world of egocentrism--I thought everyone thought the same way as me because I had never heard otherwise. But also while we were talking, we discovered how similar we are despite our differences. We don't deal well with other people's emotions and like to hide our own, we love puzzles and mind games, we love being with each other. I love how they are the planners and can deal with all the problems people give to them (they are awesome at advice); I love how when any situation arises, they are right there, ready to fix it. We make a great team, with the logical people and emotional people combined, they deal with a lot of the physical needs of our group, and I and the other emotionals deal with the emotional, nonphysical parts of the group.

At first I was kind of sad at how vastly different we were, but really, we still aren't that different from each other. I love the fact that no matter the differences between people, there's always something in common. And my friends are seriously the best friends I've ever had. They love me for who I am, and even if they don't always understand my way of seeing things (or understand why I must do crazy things for photos), they are still willing to help me (model, be my photo assistants, etc.) because they love me. That's seriously the greatest thing in the world.

Cheers to our differences, and cheers to how we are not really that different at all.

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