Sunday, March 10, 2013

my week in instagram #38 + weekly roundup

Long time no see! I've been really sick this past week, so I took a few days off to sleep, eat a lot of cold medicine, and now I'm finally feeling better and ready to go.

me during the beginnings of my illness // finished framing one of three pieces for the student art show (I find out on Monday if they make it in) // doing homework with Matt/him making me feel better // finally editing some self portraits // I finally found my novel! No more excuses for Lauren // laying outside in the Oregon sun with my roommate // eating breakfast outside // my awesome photo crew for my latest photography assignment // hanging out at the park/having a picnic with my friends

This week, I tried tomato soup and fruit juice for the first time. Being sick makes a person do crazy things, like ignore their pickiness for the sake of getting better. But seriously, I kind of want to branch out a little bit with my food choices. Tomato soup and fruit juice still taste super weird to me, but we'll take it in little steps.

Also this week, I was incredibly thankful for my friends. They are so willing to help me, be that through getting me food while I'm sick, or being my assistants for photoshoots. I really love them so much and I'll forever be grateful for them.

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Weekly roundup (an effort to maintain my new years resolutions):

1. writing: I read through my entire novel thus far and man, it needs a lot of work.
2. photos: oooh yeeeah.
3. diy project: did yet another one tonight!
4. outfit photos: nope, but I was sick.
5. college street style: Again, sick.
6. book: I'm starting to be more inclined to pick up a book in my spare time, so that is definitely a good thing.
7. sketch: Yep! In fact, I'm working on a fun art project right now.

Have an awesome week everyone!

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