Sunday, March 24, 2013

a week of remixing // in rainbows

sweater: borrowed // dress/shoes: target // coat/leggings: forever 21 // scarf: asos // photos from William

Today was a nice lazy Sunday, eating pizza, running around in the snow, sleeping with kitty cats, catching up on the latest Community episodes (aka best tv show ever). I like happy lazy days, unlike ones where I'm questioning everything I'm doing in life (we all have those days). Those tend to happen a lot for me, but thankfully today I was content to just let the day pass.

Tonight Matt (my boyfriend/best friend) and I got to have a skype date. First we played Age of Empires, where we purged the land of our enemies and became king and queen of the world, and then we just talked and talked for hours. I love being able to talk to him about anything. I'm usually not one to talk on the phone or videochat because I just get so nervous, but I'm always really excited to be able to talk with him (I guess that means he's a keeper!). I hope many more of our nights are like this night, with video games and talking and just enjoying each other's company. It's really wonderful and refreshing.

Hope you have a really wonderful day.

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