Monday, March 25, 2013

a week of remixing // second winter

sweater/dress: borrowed // shirt/belt: thrifted // tights/socks: forever 21 // boots: gift

It snowed over a foot here today, so I didn't get to go purchase a new tripod like I originally had planned. So I took out the old tripod, the one I used years ago; the one that doesn't allow the camera to shoot vertically; the one that I have to move so far away so that my whole self gets into the shot, which consequently my remote doesn't reach that far ... it felt like good old times running back and forth between the ten second timer and manual focusing to get perfect shots, haha. I'm glad technology has come far enough that we can have things like swivels on our tripods and remotes for optimum self indulgence. If you can consider freezing your fingers for the sake of a picture self indulgence.

Because really (and this is my own opinion), everything is to one extent or another self indulgence. Even acts that seem altruistic, aren't. I get a ton of joy from helping and being kind to other people, and so part of the reason I am kind is to feel that joy. I like making people happy because it makes me happy too. I blog not only because I find it fun to take photos of myself and share my thoughts on things, but also because I love helping people get better at style or a project or life in general. Hedonism, my friends. It's a great motivator. Of course, anything in excess is a bad thing--if you're doing acts of service solely to make yourself feel accomplished or make people think you're this really kind person, then maybe you have the wrong motives.

I just hope with my own life, I can encourage and help people by doing the things I love to do, not only because those things make me happy, but also because they make other people happy. How great would it be to spend your entire life helping others by doing what you love? That would be a pretty awesome life.

I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday. :)

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