Sunday, March 17, 2013

my week in instagram #39 + weekly roundup

my art history notes, which had a major lack of actual notes // Ansel Adams took mirror selfies too! // when I found out my piece made it into the student art show // a flag of a secret alliance made my by friends // the art room // modeling for watercolor painters // cutting my hair // the end result // getting pretty for the student art show

This week has been a big blur, actually. There have been moments of a lot of excitement, and then moments where I just want to sleep for the rest of my life. But all in all it was pretty good. Let's hope next week is even better!

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Weekly roundup (an effort to maintain my new years resolutions):

1. writing: Well I was writing a lot of papers, so I didn't get to it this week.
2. photos: All done for the month of March.
3. diy project: Will be posted this week! Huzzah!
4. outfit photos: Noooo
5. college street style: Noooo
6. book: school why you overtake my life?
7. sketch: Yes! (Haha finally I actually did something on my weekly roundup list.)

Have an awesome week everyone!

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