Sunday, March 31, 2013

a week of remixing // recap


day one: b1 + b2 + h + c2 + e2
day two: a1 + b3 + c3 + e2
day three: a2 + a3 + b1 + c2 + e1
day four: b2 + f + c3 + e2
day five: a1 + g + e1
day six: b1 + b3 + c3 + e2
day seven: a2 + c2 + h + c2 + d1 + e2

It's been a fun week remixing only one carry-on of clothes. I wore almost everything twice, and probably came up with every combination possible. (It's also fun to see the progression of snow in these photos ... from a ton of snowfall the first day to wet nasty slush the last day. What can I say? It's spring in Alaska.)

I hope this encourages you to remix your clothes in new, fun ways!

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