Friday, March 1, 2013

photography from january + february

I haven't been really good at posting on here just all of the photo things I've been doing, so here is a compilation of some of the photography I've been doing for the past two months. Now of course this isn't quite all of it because most of the photos have been assignments for class and they are currently in my teacher's possession, but soon you shall see them. :)

"lost in a frozen land"

This is a photo that my friend Stephen took that I edited.


A photo of my friend Amy on a particularly foggy night on campus.

"a new age dawning"

This photo was taken during my photo adventure with Grace and Sarah. Model is Grace.


One of two photos from my meetup with Heather.

"silent grounds"

The second photo. Model is Heather.


The photography assignment that this photo was created for was "abstract", so I wanted to focus on the lines of the human body and how intricate and beautiful it is. (I actually have a better version of this photo that I have yet to upload.) Models are Tabatha, Jenna, Ivy, and Bekah. (More from the darkroom)

And this weekend I'm working on a series of photos for my next photography assignment, and I'm really excited about the story behind it. It shall be awesome.

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