Sunday, March 3, 2013

my week in instagram + weekly roundup

after a meeting about studying abroad in New York // time to do some exploring // a beautiful morning view // a wild cat // a fancy film camera I wanted to steal // a nice outlook on life // some photos I'm submitting to the student art show // a creepy drama closet // some sketches and props for a photoshoot.

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Weekly roundup (an effort to maintain my new years resolutions):

1. writing: Hoping to write a story for my photo assignment.
2. photos: just finished a big one.
3. diy project: in the works. :)
4. outfit photos: yep!
5. college street style: Nope, I didn't do any street style photos this week.
6. book: started reading about King Arthur!
7. sketch: Yep!

Have an awesome week everyone!

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