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Saturday, August 10, 2013

death of the white lace cardigan

finding your passions


holy moly me oh my!

While packing for home for the summer, I had to downsize my wardrobe, and my beloved white lace cardigan was one of the items that had to be left behind. It had started to get yellow stains from where I folded it, and the edges were getting frayed, so with a tear in my eye I had to say goodbye. This post is a tribute to the cardigan. It's not often I get rid of clothes, but all of my items that survived my style epiphanies (ie Lauren can actually dress fashionably and not wear t-shirts all the time) are very quickly dying off. I'll have to do another closet sweep this summer for items I don't really wear anymore, since this whole dressing nice thing is still pretty new to me. I want to purchase more versatile pieces instead of the weird statement pieces that I wear one time and then never wear again, so this summer will be an effort to begin that by building room in my closet.

I've always loved remixing posts from other bloggers, and want to do it more often. Perhaps not a weekly feature just yet, but I wanted to post this one before the photos got too dated.

This cardigan was one of the first things I bought that I thought was considered "stylish" and I wore it all the time, even before I started blogging, hence some of these never-before-seen photos. It shall be missed.

Monday, June 24, 2013

mixology 101 // intro

After many emails and inquiries about how I mix colors and prints together, I'm here to give you not one, not two, but a full week's worth of posts all about creating an awesome pattern and color mixing style!

Today is the introduction and question day. If you guys have any questions about mixing, be sure to leave a comment below or shoot me an email. Throughout the week I'll be answering your questions, as well as providing examples (from some of my favorite bloggers) and tips to become a remixing wizard!

Tomorrow we will be focusing on color--different types and how to match colors together into one cohesive look.

Wednesday we will then turn to patterns--what types go together and when to know when you're going too far (because I know I've done it).

Thursday we will pair color and pattern together and see how they play off of each other.

Friday you will get a virtual tour of my closet and will be able to put your skills to the test, mixing pieces from my own wardrobe!

Saturday (and possibly Sunday) we will get to see the results of the closet chaos and how successful you were at mixing pieces together (which I know you will be because I'll teach you all my secrets and you will be a master).

So get ready for a really exciting week! Ask away!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

a week of remixing // recap


day one: b1 + b2 + h + c2 + e2
day two: a1 + b3 + c3 + e2
day three: a2 + a3 + b1 + c2 + e1
day four: b2 + f + c3 + e2
day five: a1 + g + e1
day six: b1 + b3 + c3 + e2
day seven: a2 + c2 + h + c2 + d1 + e2

It's been a fun week remixing only one carry-on of clothes. I wore almost everything twice, and probably came up with every combination possible. (It's also fun to see the progression of snow in these photos ... from a ton of snowfall the first day to wet nasty slush the last day. What can I say? It's spring in Alaska.)

I hope this encourages you to remix your clothes in new, fun ways!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

a week of remixing // home sweet home

dress: borrowed // yellow dress/skirt: forever 21 // tights/ring: thrifted // shoes: target // photos by William

Well look who's back in Alaska! It's spring break for Lauren, and I'm excited for a bit of rest and relaxation, though I'm sure I'll be doing a lot of adventuring this week. I managed to come home with only a carry on (part of my packing skills ... still can't believe how many clothes I fit into my little bag/how many clothes I wore on the plane, haha. My own mother couldn't even believe I packed everything into one carry on.), so this week will be a "week of remixing"! These are all the clothes I brought for the week and will consequently be remixing, so it will be interesting to see all the combinations that are possible. (Though I might not wear the pants since I brought them mostly to wear underneath my snowsuit ... can't really go sledding or hiking in a dress!)

It's really nice to be back amongst the snow and mountains, especially since it hardly ever snowed while I was back for my winter break. Spring has redeemed the good ol' last frontier by bringing a bunch of constant snowfall this first day back. We were scheduled to have a blizzard warning, but the visibility has been pretty good and there's practically no wind. It's the perfect winter day, snuggling up with kitty cats and eating freshly baked cookies.

And no, it wasn't too cold taking these photos, though I certainly don't suggest walking around in short sleeves at this time of year. It's nice when you're ten steps away from the front door so you can run in whenever your fingers start to get numb. Plus the first day of taking outfit pictures in the snow after being away from it is probably the best day, since I was really excited for pretty snowfall photos. A big thanks to my brother William for taking these for me, since my tripod recently broke and I won't be able to purchase a new one until Monday.

Other things I did today? Thrifted a little bit--I got that little ring for a dollar as well as a scarf I'm going to use as a prop for a photo. Then my mom and I went to the mall to grab some lunch. Other than that I haven't done very much, just a lot of relaxing and planning for the week. I will be working on an art project this week that involves me driving to some of my favorite places in Alaska, so like I said before, there will be a lot of adventuring and I'm so excited for it!

Have a great day!