Thursday, August 22, 2013

who are you?

shirt: Matt // skirt/tights: forever 21 // shoes: thrifted

You know what's really frustrating? Not knowing whether something will be a good investment or not. Do you wait until you get more of something and then upgrade? Or do you upgrade in the hopes that it will get you more of what you need? What I'm talking about in particular is a killer photography portfolio website. Do I spend money and in turn get more clients? Or do I wait to get more clients and then make a good website? Ugh, it's stressing me out right now because I'm trying to cut corners and do my own coding and not spend any money, but so far I haven't been too successful ...

In other news, I've had this skirt since like junior high school. I wasn't very good at measuring because when I received it in the mail, it was much shorter than I anticipated, so I wasn't allowed to wear it to school. I think I only wore it out once. Mini skirts are kind of a gamble though, but I think with some thick tights it works quite nicely! I can see this being a really cute Christmas skirt, to pair with lots of red accessories. Uhoh, now I kind of want it to be Christmas ... whoops!

Peace out my homies! Have a great day!

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