Monday, July 15, 2013

adventures with Matt // to the mountaintop

A couple weekends ago while I was driving home, I saw fog rolling over the mountains. For some reason, I got an incredible urge to drive to the top and make some photos, so Matt kindly agreed to come along with me. Our results were nothing short of fantastic. We felt like we had been transported to another world while looking at the fog and clouds completely engulfing the city. We could have been miles above everything, the clouds were so thick. It was slightly chilly and we were the only ones there, and I felt like we were the only humans left on the planet. I'm truly at a loss for words in trying to describe it.

And the photos I took don't do it justice either. We produced two images that day, the first being this one:


with Matt being my handsome model, and the second being this one:

as the fog rolls in

which you really have to view here in full screen.

Look at that handsome guy! I'm really lucky to have someone so supportive of what I do, someone who is willing to drive me through dense fog and model in the cold, who actually enjoys going on adventures like this with me!

Have a great day!

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