Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I cry for the earth

I cry for the earth


Well I am doing Elsie and Emma's thirty day self portrait challenge because I'm insane.

I'm not going to stress about this project at all. If I miss a day, it's whatever. But I'm hoping to complete it fully and since it's only thirty days long, the number itself should push me to suck it up and make some art every day.

Some things I want to accomplish/focus on:
  • lighting; because light is the most important thing and I want to really focus on using it to my advantage.
  • concepts with depth; I'm kind of tired of the random hair flip or looking longingly into the distance photos (not that those are bad, it's just that everyone including me has overdone them). I want to make some images that make people look at them for more than a couple of seconds.
  • full body shots; when I won my photography award, I received a letter with all the critiques from the judges, and one judge suggested I work on full body shots. And while I do full body shots for outfit posts, I rarely do them for creative shots, so I want to push myself in that way.
  • behind-the-scenes/before and afters/more writing for each photo; because who doesn't love that? I love reading what photographers have to say about the inspiration for their pieces or how they created a photo, so I want to provide as much information as possible for each photo. I don't really have anything for this picture, but hopefully I will for the following days.

Here's a detail shot though:

I wasn't sure what I was going to photograph for today, but once I sat down under the tree and started putting leaves in my hair (my dad was practicing his fly fishing outside and thought I was insane ... and I didn't even end up using the photo with the leaves), I was reminded of this photo that I made back in 2012. I wanted to combine the two photos into a "mother nature" feel, and I believe I accomplished that. Also, my hair isn't quite this long in real life yet.

Hope you have a great day!

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