Tuesday, July 23, 2013

wishful thinking

dress: urban outfitters // shirt: mom's closet // tights/belt: forever 21 // cardigan: target

It seems like every possible version of this outfit has been on my body for the past few weeks. I love having opaque tights that let me sit criss-cross even in a dress, because I can never seem to sit like a normal person should. Whether I'm sitting in the office, at school, at home or wherever, I always love sitting criss-cross or with one knee up. Not very appropriate when I'm wearing not so opaque tights! It's usually so cold in the morning that I'm itching to cover up as much as possible (plus I hate being cold and having to get out of bed--that's an awful combination), but then by the time I'm done with work, I'm rushing to the car to take them off because of the heat.

Of course when I took these photos it was overcast, so not only did I need tights, but also a cardigan! Do you know what all these layers are really used for? Protection. They are my armor against the dreaded villain, the mosquito. Ugh, they have been so bad this summer, I can't even stand it. Strangely though, I've hardly been bitten, but maybe that's just because I drench myself in repellant every time I leave the house.

Hope you have a good day! May your weather be warm and your mosquito repellent strong.

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