Tuesday, July 9, 2013

mixology results // floral on floral

Here's an outfit put together by Hilary from the remix my closet post! The floral lace plays nicely with my floral skirt, and the purple is a bold contrasting color against all the reds and oranges in the skirt! If there's one thing I've learned about print mixing, it's this: confidence, above all else, is key. The reason I'm so good at mixing crazy things together is because of my non-concern with what others will think of me. Like any human, that's not always the case in my instance, but I try to always wear something that I'm comfortable in, but also pushes me a little bit.

In real life news, all this week I'm taking photos of my church's day camp (so if you've emailed me recently, I'll try to get back with you tomorrow)! You can view and purchase photos here and see a little bit of what I'm up to every day this week. It's pretty tiring taking pictures for four hours and then coming home and sorting through them for five hours. But I'm loving every second and getting some great images out of it as well!

Hope your day is awesome.

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