Monday, July 8, 2013

mixology results // stripes, geometry, and contrasting colors

Today we will be looking really quickly at three outfits from the remix my closet post, starting with an outfit put together by Sara! This outfit I think I've already worn twice, but it's just so fun that I can't help it! This is the perfect outfit to show how any color works with any other color. The blue in the shirt isn't related to any colors in the skirt--in the way that there are blues in the skirt as well--but because all colors are the same color intensity, they work. The stripes are, of course, a neutral pattern, so it works with any other pattern, including the fun pattern in my neutral colored cardigan!

This outfit was put together by Hannah, featuring the same cardigan. The pattern works well with the pattern in my dress, not only because they are both geometric patterns, but because one is a large pattern and the other is small. I added a pop of color in the shoes and I was good to go!

Hannah also picked out this outfit, using the shirt as a jumping point. She pulled the purple from the color in my shirt to tie in with my skirt, and then threw in a contrasting color of green to make the outfit a bit more interesting. Here is another mixology result showcasing the green + purple combination!

Check back tomorrow for more mixology results!

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