Saturday, October 13, 2012

at the crossroads

+ abandoned building

day 286

Today we sleuthed around and discovered an abandoned train station from the 1800s. Nowadays the area around it is used to store construction equipment, but the building itself has remained somewhat intact. I really love exploring old buildings, even though this one wasn't very big. It's so interesting to think that at one point people actually used it, and that no one has bothered to tear it down yet.

Personally, I am glad it and many other abandoned buildings are still standing, because it makes for awesome photo (and cinematic) opportunities. My friend Jenna is working on a film project that involved Ivy dancing, so we headed to the gym for her to warm up and then we followed the ever trusty google maps out to the station. Today was also the first day of hard rain in Oregon. I didn't wear the right shoes and got soaking wet when I stopped caring about putting my rain jacket hood over my head, but it was an awesome day nonetheless.

While we were heading back, Taylor saw some people feeding llamas and chickens and goats and horses, and she made us pull into the random people's driveway to go pet the animals. I can only imagine what Jim (I think that's what his name was) and his little girls thought when they saw four stranger girls running in the rain towards them. But we got to feed all the animals and they even gave us fresh eggs! It was a glorious (and hilarious) end to an awesome day.

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