Monday, October 15, 2012


day 289

I think the thing that frustrates me most about my 365 is that I force myself to take a photo every day and because of that I will take photos that I'm not proud of. And I know I can take better photos. Some photographers do a 365, but it ends up being stretched over longer than a year because they want 365 images and not necessarily 365 diary entries. I'm stuck in that hole of wanting the entries and also wanting the quality images, but the fact of the matter is I won't always get those. And people just have to remind me that it's okay. Tomorrow will be another day.

Other than a photo flop, today has been great. It rained today and it felt awesome. I have a couple tests this week which means we are getting even closer to break, which always makes me happy because I'll be able to see Matt and his family. And then Christmas break when I get to see my family, and then summer and all the adventures it will hold, and the world spins on and on, et cetera. I could go on forever about how awesome life is, but I'm tired and my bed is oh so comfy right now.

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