Monday, October 15, 2012

minnie mouse

dress: borrowed // skirt: thrifted // socks: gift

I took these photos in the early morning, so it was hard for my camera to focus but at the same time I got a lot of pretty light in my photos. It's funny how my photographic relationship with light has been. In 2010 I didn't even know about it but I mostly just shot indoors, then in 2011 I shot all day every day, and at the beginning of 2012 I had this fear of shooting in direct sunlight because I read somewhere that that was bad for photos. Now I'm trying to love light again, and since I live in a state that has normal sunsets, I don't have to wait forever for golden hour to arrive. And since I don't have to wake up super early every morning, I can actually plan my outfits (since I am never smart enough to plan them the night before) and take pictures of them in the morning sun. I definitely am excited to explore other types of sunlight.

With a red and white polka dot dress, I definitely felt like minnie mouse. And who wouldn't? I really love being able to dress the way I want to dress and not being worried about what other people think of me. Something else I really love about college is the fact that everybody looks different. In my high school (gosh, I feel so old talking about "when I was a kid", haha) most everybody dressed the same and looked the same. But here there are people from all over the world and they all look so interesting and unique and dress just like themselves. It's so great. I just want to learn everybody's story and become their friend, because I bet they have an awesome, fantastic life.

Well, I hope you have a very beautiful day today!

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