Sunday, March 18, 2012

eye of the camera

Throughout the years, many people have caught me in my natural habitat: behind a camera. It seems as though I'm photographing things all the time, which is probably true. You can get a kick out of the things I photograph and where I photograph, and also watch for my pinky that I so love to subconsciously stick up in the air whenever I take a photo.

This one was taken by my boyfriend, Matt, back when my hair was shorter:

Aly snapped this one of me while I was taking pictures of ... shoes. Hahaha ooh goodness:

My British friend Rachael took this while I was playing with another friend's camera:

Riding a bike and taking photos simultaneously is not for the faint of heart. Neither is photographing shrimp on a boat (my mom took these):

My mom caught me chilling by a fire on our friend's island:

My mom took a photo of me taking a photo of my sister while we hiked through a dried riverbed:

Becca, another friend and fellow photographer, tagged along while I took some senior photos and snapped all of these:

Matt also came along. He is super supportive.

My friend Jacob came too!

Before our family went on vacation to an island off the coast of Alaska, I thought I had put my camera in danger. I didn't even know the meaning of danger until kayaking on the open ocean with my camera! My mom took this one:

And just the other day my friend Aly and I got together again and took photos together:

I don't think I could go anywhere without my camera. You never know what you might miss!

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  1. how fun getting a glimpse into your life this way. looks like you have amazing places to hike over there!