Monday, March 19, 2012

in you shine

day 79

The next two weeks will be filled with simple photos, as I am busy with our school's production.

But here is a photo of my dear sweet man. Today was our thirteenth monthaversary, 'cause we're lame like that.

Today was our first tech day, with the play exactly one week away. My friends Amy and Miss Williams, along with Ryan and myself all went to go get the couch for the play. (Ryan went on to the school with the couch, while we followed behind.) Then of course Amy's gas light came on in her car and we rushed to the gas station on fumes, proud that we got there in time. But then (ooh man it was just like a movie), none of us had money to pay for gas! The boys back at the school didn't answer any phones, so we walked to the bank and broke in to get money. (Actually Amy was able to withdraw money without a card or i.d. ... thank you nice bank lady!) We payed for the gas after working through a faulty pump, and finally made it back to the school, without man's assistance, haha. It was super hilarious.

And of course there has been the typical cast silliness. In the upcoming days (if I have time) I'll post some photos I've been taking of it, and certainly I will post all about it after the performances.

In the meantime, we have rehearsal until 7:30pm. So Lauren has hardly any time for anything. But that's okay because this play will be spectacular. :)

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  1. Aw! Have fun in your production, I loved doing stuff like that in high school it really brings people together. And celebrating the little things is important, though I will admit, I missed my six month anniversary of being married real easily