Tuesday, March 13, 2012

diy bird skirt

This really shows a good before and after of my editing with photoshop. Part of me hates photoshop because of the way it distorts the truth and many people use that in the wrong way, but part of me loves it. I think of photoshop as a tool to correct what the camera cannot capture (because some details of reality are lost in a photograph) as well as another art form. It's amazing what some people can create with photoshop ... even I'm amazed by what I can accomplish through it. And there's still a ton to learn.

On to the outfit! Matt's mom cleaned out her craft closet a couple weekends ago and let me go through all the things she was going to give away. It felt like Christmas! Matt was really bored while I sat on the floor going through bags of fabric and paints and stickers and anything and everything. I went away with three boxes stuffed with things (much to my mother's disdain ... she knows how bad of a hoarder and unorganized person I am). One box was filled mostly with picture frames and feathers, one with scrapbooking stuff and stamps, and the other with fabric! This crazy awesome bird print was in one so I cut it up and made a skirt out of it!

I would say this is my best skirt to date, although I still managed to screw up big time on it. It's still wearable, but you can definitely tell it's homemade. Oh well, practice makes perfect!

I painted my nails to match my skirt. :)

I'm flying!

Hahahaha these are silly.

There was just enough fabric left over to make a bow with a button to match the skirt. I also snagged some of Matt's sister's supplies from when she began making headbands and this one was already made, which was perfect for my bird ensemble!

As always, have a very awesome day. Are you enjoying your spring break?


  1. the bow and skirt are so adorable, and it's awesome that they were done yourself! so cute. :) also i'm in LOVE with how you did your nails. i need to try that....!!

  2. i am inexplicably jealous of this outfit. i love everything about it. that skirt IS Amazing you did such an awesome job and what a lucky find / gift of fabric. i want it. and the bow! the bow is so cute! and everything - your nails. seriously, i love this outfit so much. ah. i can't compliment you enough. just know this took my breath away with how awesome it is ^_^